Baby, It's Cold Outside

When the temperature drops, it makes everyone want to bundle up. However, the use of heavy jackets and bulky layers when using a car seat is a safety hazard. Snow suits, bunting and other “fluffy” items do not allow the car seat buckle to fit as snuggly as it should and can cause injury in the event of an accident.

But my baby is cold!

We got it and hear you loud and clear. No one wants you to take your child out in the cold in just a onesie. Here are some ways to keep your baby warm and safe during the cold season.

  • Layer up! Using the layer method provides warmth without the bulkiness. Start with leggings and a short sleeve onesie, building with a pair of heavier pants and then a long sleeve shirt. Fitted hoodies or fleece shirts provide warmth without the fluff.
  • Swaddle Twice For babies, it’s safe to swaddle over the car seat straps-never under. Use the layer method, then once your baby is in the car seat swaddle over the straps with a thin blanket. Swaddle again with a heavier blanket.
  • Car Seat Covers There are many manufacturers who make car seat covers that go over the car seat. Over the seat covers can be found in retail stores and online.