It’s Great To Be a Parent Today- New and Innovative Products Hit The Market!

Today’s parents are better informed and much more tech-savvy/driven than past generations. This means an increased demand for more product choices that fit into a variety of lifestyles.

A growing number of moms in the workplace and larger participation from dads means a higher demand on baby gear that meet specific needs, whether it is personally, emotionally, or economically. 

The baby products industry listens to the demands of today’s parents and constantly produces creative and innovative products.

One of JPMA’s largest programs is the Innovation Awards where manufacturers from across the country enter their newest and most innovative baby product into a competition judged by industry experts.

From high-tech monitors and interactive toys to helpful apps and important safety gear, this year’s JPMA Innovation Awards entrants have raised the bar in an effort to offer parents innovative ways to safeguard and care for baby.

So what do this year’s parents (and babies) have to look forward to? A compact stroller, smart car seats, healthy sleeping options, comfortable nursing pillows, fun toys, and more! Here is a sampling of the exciting new baby products this year has to offer

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