Remembering Safety on Memorial Day Weekend!

The grills are being fired up and the weekend is planned-but have you factored in safety to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend? Here are five areas parents (and everyone) should be extra mindful of during this long weekend.

  • Travel Safety- Before you pack everyone (and everything) up, make sure that your vehicle is good to go. Check the oil levels, tire pressure, etc. Make sure that the driver(s) is/are rested and never travel with anyone that has been drinking in excess. Don’t forget the movies or activities for the kids if you are traveling a long distance!
  • Sun Safety- Block it up! The sun’s rays are damaging especially to baby’s skin. All members of your family should wear sunscreen and reapply numerous times throughout the day. Remember sunburn can happen even on overcast days. Sun protection is always a must when doing activities outdoors.
  • Water Safety- Pools, beaches, lakes-they all are fun-and dangerous. If you and your family are around water, make sure that a responsible adult is watching the children at all times. Accidents can happen in seconds. Life jackets, swim devices, and rules are all musts. Ensure that your kids know how to prevent an accident if they are old enough.
  • Food Safety- There will be lots of food this weekend! However, during a BBQ, it can be difficult to keep foods at the correct temperature. Have your family eat as soon as the food is put out. Check all meat before eating to ensure that it is cooked thoroughly. If you are preparing the food, always wash your hands!
  • Fire Safety- Children should be nowhere near fire without an adult. Fireworks and explosives are not toys. If you are camping or have kids around a campfire, set rules before you start cooking or before the fire is lit. If you are roasting marshmallows, help the little ones by doing the cooking for them and let the fun be in assembling the s’more. Before you light up the grill clean it of all grease from previous meals. Check all gas lines and never use a grill in enclosed spaces such as garages or porches.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to all who have served and are serving.