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How to Promote Baby Safety Month 2018

Looking for ways to educate your parent community and get your retail customers involved?  Baby Safety Month provides a great opportunity to do just that.  Here are just a few ideas to help you support Baby Safety Month this September.  Parents love these types of promotions and first-time parents and caregivers are always looking for product safety information.


It's hard to keep parents away if you create a contest. Consider a Best Baby Photo Contest showing products being used properly according to instructions!

Weekly Prize Bundles with JPMA

Every September, JPMA offers prizes throughout the month to our parent community via JPMA social media outlets. This year, JPMA is doing weekly prize bundles. The past giveaway programs have received tremendous engagement and is always the highlight of Baby Safety Month among parents. If you would like to participate in the prize bundle giveaway, please contact achezem@jpma.org no later than August 18.

Safety Education

Parents are always looking for trusted resources. Use this opportunity to educate your parent community on the importance of properly choosing and using products to fit their needs and lifestyle and what your company does to ensure its products are safe and effective when used correctly. Newsletters (whether mailed or digital) and social media are both great outlets for product safety messages (feel free to use our safety messages from this website).

Media Placements

Does your local newspaper have a parent or family section? If so, send a copy of the press release to the editor. If your community has a television or radio program geared specifically to first-time parents or parents with small children, call the host or producer and let them know about Baby Safety Month. Check out our press release template here. 

Check back in September for our Baby Safety Month Newsletter that you can send to your parent community.