Become a Product Safety Ambassador

You’ve successfully navigated the first few years of your baby’s life. On the way, you’ve educated yourself about the safest baby products out there, and you consider yourself a bit of an expert. Now what to do with all this knowledge? Help out your fellow parents and caregivers by becoming a Product Safety Ambassador!

What Does It Mean to Be a Product Safety Ambassador?

If you could help prevent an injury to an infant, toddler or child, would you?

Product Safety Ambassador’s are committed to helping parents understand basic safety tips to make children’s first years, happy, safe and sound. The Baby Safety Zone is about creating a safe space for babies to thrive and enjoy their childhood, free of serious and preventable injuries. All you have to do is read one or two incident reports to know how preventable most baby product related injuries are. As a Product Safety Ambassador, you can share basic information that can make all the difference in a parent and child’s life.

Who Can Be a Product Safety Ambassador?

Anyone. Parents. Bloggers. Manufacturers. Retailers. Anyone committed to helping prevent product related injuries.

How to Become an Ambassador

Fill out this form to become an official Product Safety Ambassador.

Some Basics Steps to Share Product Safety Information:

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  • Follow and share the Parenting Blog​.
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Resources for Ambassadors

JPMA Certification: A Standard of Excellence!

Shopping for baby is fun, and can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, JPMA is here to help. Parents can look for the JPMA Certification Seal on a product and know it has been tested to the highest standards.

To make parents lives even easier, JPMA offers this handy Certification Registry Checklist. Parents can click, print and bring it shopping to easily choose products from the brands that have made a commitment to safety by JPMA Certifying their products in the 23 categories offered.

Curious how a manufacturer gets to put the seal on their product? Learn more and check out our Certification Process infographic.

Safe & Sound for Baby

Ease new parent worries with this informative guide to product safety, selection and use. Download, link to and order a copy today. Promote Safe & Sound for baby on your web site or via social media. Check out our web and social share buttons too.


Product Safety Videos

View our library of product safety videos! From cribs to strollers, we’ve got a library of videos to help today’s safety conscious parents.