Safety House

    • Bedroom/Nursery: Changing Pad

      If you are using a changing pad on top of a dresser, place a piece of no-skid runner that is usually used under area rugs underneath of the pad. This will prevent the pad of sliding around. Always use the straps!

    • Bedroom/Nursery: Baby Monitors

      Baby monitors can look like toys to babies and toddlers. Keep your monitor at least three feet away from the crib or bassinet to avoid strangulation.

    • Bedroom/Nursery: Crib Sheet

      Always use a crib sheet that fits securely on the mattress, wraps around the mattress corners and stays securely on the mattress corners.

    • Kitchen: Heating Food

      Heating baby food in a microwave is convenient, but be sure to check the temperature very carefully. Use microwave-safe dishes and stir food from the center out after heating to ensure the temperature is even.

    • Kitchen: Portable Chairs

      Do not use on portable hook-on chairs on glass or loose tabletop, or on a table with a single pedestal, leaf, tablecloth or placemat.

    • Kitchen: Tipover

      Prevent tip over – Keep high chair far enough from the table, counter or wall so the baby can’t push off from it.

    • Living Room: Infant Seat

      Baby’s movements can slide an infant seat, so be sure not to place the infant seat near the edges of counter tops, tables or other elevated surfaces.

    • Living Room: High Chair

      Move your baby away from the table or anything they can use their legs to push off of while sitting in their highchair.

    • Bathroom: Unattended

      Never leave a child unattended in the bathroom. Collect all bathing materials before bringing baby into the bathroom so you do not have to leave.

    • Bathroom: Baby-Proofing

      Keep bathroom doors closed and toilet seats closed and locked. It is possible for babies to drown in as little as two inches of water.

    • Bathroom: Bathseat

      Never use a bath seat on textured or non-skid tub surfaces unless the manufacturer’s instructions specifically state the seat is intended for such surfaces.

    • Garage: Stroller

      Always put your stroller in the locked position when remaining stationary or placing your baby inside.

    • Garage: Stroller 2

      Do not hang heavy items off the back of the stroller as this could cause it to tip.

    • Garage: Car Seat

      Follow the car seat manufacturer’s instructions when installing.