Baby Safety Month

Top 10 Gate Safety Tips for Childproofing

Baby Safety Month Partner, International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), Shares Important Gate Safety Tips

Selecting appropriate baby gates that combine safety and function, as well as installing them correctly can be tricky. Before you shop, measure the width of your openings because an extension might be necessary.

It's Child Passenger Safety Week!

Baby Safety Month Partner, NHTSA, Shares Important Car Seat Guidelines

Keeping Curious Toddlers Safe

Tips for preventing furniture tip-over accidents from Baby Safety Month partner, the American Home Furnishings Alliance

Choosing the right furnishings for your baby’s nursery requires you to stretch your imagination beyond that sweetly swaddled infant to the curious toddler he or she will soon become. Crawling, pulling up and climbing are all advances parents celebrate, but they also signal the need for carefully selected furnishings and child-proofing throughout the entire home.

Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Baby Safe

Safe Kids Worldwide Shares Important Baby Safety Advice for Parents and Caregivers

It is a known fact that today’s parents have many responsibilities, but we also know first-hand that there is nothing more important to parents and caregivers than the health and safety of their children. That’s why this September’s Baby Safety Month is an ideal time to review and put into action some simple steps to help keep your baby safe. By following the guidelines below, you can ensure you are creating a safe space for your baby to grow, learn and play.

Lap Babies Are Unsafe Babies

Great tips for safe air travel from Baby Safety Month partner, National Safety Council

Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration have more rules about restraining laptops and coffeepots than about our most vulnerable passengers: children under the age of 2. 

Product Registration: Help Yourself by Helping the Manufacturer

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in {September, 2016} and has been updated for freshness and accuracy. 

As a parent, you are most likely unaware of the challenges manufacturers face in alerting baby product owners to a recall. Most parents today are justifiably protective of their privacy and hesitant to provide personal information that might be sold to marketers, thus initiating a flood of solicitations. 

Register for Recalls to Keep Your Kids Safe

Over the last five years, 8.8 million car seats have been recalled, but only 17 percent of the recalled seats were fixed. Tracking down owners of recalled car seats can be near impossible unless parents or caregivers take the time to register them.

Registering Your Car Seat - A Small, But Important Task

If you are like many busy people, you probably have a drawer where several “important, but I’ll get to it later” papers live. In that small, dark place are postage-paid warranty cards that come with every new product. I liked the product enough to buy it, but I never completed the product registration card.

Baby Safety Right Out of the Box

Every September JPMA  sponsors Baby Safety Month. This year’s theme for Baby Safety Months is “Baby Safety Right Out of the Box”. Our focus is ensuring that parents and caregivers understand product registration cards and the importance of sending it back to the manufacturer.

A Room With A Safe View- Safeguard Against Hidden Hazards

September is Baby Safety Month!  This year, JPMA is helping educate parents on safeguarding against hidden hazards in the home.