Baby Safety Right Out of the Box

As a former baby product business owner and now as Executive Director of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), I know firsthand the commitment and dedication our industry has in keeping children safe and to providing you the parents and caregivers information so that children can laugh, learn and thrive in the safest environment possible. 

One way JPMA does this is by sponsoring Baby Safety Month during September. This year’s theme for Baby Safety Months is “Baby Safety Right Out of the Box”. Our focus is ensuring that parents and caregivers understand product registration cards and the importance of sending it back to the manufacturer. It is the single best way for a product manufacturer to send vital safety information to you.

Many consumers believe that if they fill out these cards they will be inundated with marketing from manufactures. This is simply not true. In fact, it is against the law for juvenile product manufactures to use consumer information on product registration cards for anything other than informing them when there is a recall or other vital safety information that needs to be communicated.

So what else might be holding you back? We’ve heard time, not knowing the name of the product, not knowing where to send the card or that you’d rather be able to register online. We have you covered on all of the above.

Each of the 25 different product category products come with a registration card. The card can be found either in the box, in with the instruction manual or in some cases affixed to the product itself. The card has the product information already filled out; product name, model, identifying numbers and the manufacturer. It is pre-addressed to the manufacturer with postage already paid. All that is needed is your name and how best to reach you in the event of a recall. If you would rather register online, most manufacturers have a page on their website where consumers can register their products. You can either use the information that is pre-printed on the registration card itself or the products come with information permanently marked on the product itself.

There may be an added benefit of registering your children’s product – some manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products if the registration card back is sent back.

We know that many consumers, parents and caregivers receive education from a variety of sources, which is why we have worked to gain a variety of supporters to participate in this year’s Baby Safety Month. In addition to JPMA and its members promoting “Baby Safety Right Out of the Box” and the importance of returning product registration cards, we are proud to have joining us this year as official supporters of our program, NHTSA, Safe Kids, RILA, Babies R Us, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, the Baby Carrier Alliance (BCIA) and CPSC have to wait to confirm its participation.

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