Five Important Safety Features to Look for in a New Car

If you are in the market for a new car, you may be a bit overwhelmed. There are so many options and features available, but as a parent safety is always a priority. 

Look for these 5 important safety features in a new car:

car safety features air bagSeatbelts: Yes, all cars have seatbelts but not all are the same. Look for adjustable upper belts, which let you change the shoulder strap position to accommodate the size of the passenger. Notice the seatbelt pretensioner, which will retract the excess slack in your seatbelt in the event of a crash. Newer cars have energy management systems in the seatbelts which keeps the shoulder belt from concentrating too much energy on your chest. Also, make sure the back seat has a rear center shoulder and lap belt for the middle seat. Just because everyone fights to avoid sitting there doesn’t mean it needs to be unsafe. 
Air Bags: Air bags have existed for years, but today’s modern technology makes them even more effective. However, air bags do deploy with a significant amount of weight and pressure. Do not place children younger than 12 in the front seat because an air bag deploying can seriously injure them. Check for side air bags and head air bags for added protection. 
car safety features - head restHead Restraints: Head restraints are very important as they limit head movement during a rear-impact crash, helping reduce the risk of a serious neck injury. While head restraints are required for the front seats, not all cars have them for the rear seats. Check for a car that has head restraints in the back as well for added safety for the back seat passengers. 
Anti-Lock Breaks: At one time or another, we all have to “panic” brake. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) will prevent wheels from locking during those kinds of situations. This will allow you, as the driver, to maintain steering control. While it does not prevent a crash, ABS will help you if you learn how to use it correctly.  

car safety features traction control

Traction Control: Traction control is essential in helping to maintain vehicle stability by preventing the slippage of the drive wheels when excess power is applied, especially in rainy or snowy conditions. This system will automatically adjust the output of your vehicle’s engine and applies braking force to specific wheels during acceleration. 

When choosing a car, regardless of the car make or model, odds are you can find these features in one of their vehicles. Choose a car that meets your needs and that you and your family feel comfortable riding in. However, you should always remember that safety should come first. Ask about vehicle safety features and do your research before visiting a dealership. There are dozens of vehicle safety features available in this day and age, so it is imperative that you consider the features that are most important to you. However, you should make sure your new car has these five important safety features to protect your precious cargo. 

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