Fluff Belongs in a Sandwich Not a Carseat

With winter moving in full-stride across the nation, many parents will be pulling out the heavy winter coats and snow suits. These are great for an impromptu snowball fight or making snow angels, but bulky winter clothing can be very dangerous in the car. Heavy coats and bulky clothing may cause harnesses and seatbelts to fit improperly. Though it may seem snug, upon impact fluffy clothing may compress causing slack which leads to the harness not properly restraining your child. 

So how do you keep children and baby warm while keeping them safe? Here are some helpful tips for a warm and safe winter drive:

Layer, Layer, Layer: Layering helps to provide warmth without the bulkiness and also provides an easy solution for adjusting your child’s clothing between being indoors and outside. For baby, start with leggings and a short sleeve onesie, building with a pair of heavier pants and then a long sleeve shirt. Fleece shirts also provide warmth without the fluff. This method can also be used on older children. 

Swaddle Twice: For babies, it’s safe to swaddle over the car seat straps-never under. Use the layer method, then once your baby is in the car seat, swaddle over the straps with a thin blanket. Swaddle again with a heavier blanket. Older children can also use this method of covering with a blanket or wearing their coat backward over the car seat straps or seatbelt. 

Avoid Over-heating: Besides being dangerous in the event of an accident, over-dressing baby for the car can negatively affect their body temperature. When you are driving and the car starts to warm up, often times you find yourself removing layers. However, if baby is wearing bulky layers under the harness, they are now stuck overheating. As babies are more prone to dehydration due to their inability to sweat as effectively as adults, it is very important to dress baby in a way that will make it easy to regulate their temperature from climate to climate. 



Image: Silver Starre