How to Dress Baby for Icy Temperatures

Winter can bring a lot of family fun, from romping around in the snow or hanging out indoors. For first time parents, dressing baby for winter weather can feel tricky. Too many layers and baby can sweat and feel colder when they stop playing. Not enough layers can be even more risky! If you’re stressing about dressing baby properly this winter, here are some tips for keeping baby safe and warm all season long. 

1. Infants aren’t moving around like children of playing age and aren’t able to generate as much body heat because so, therefore they need to be dressed in more layers.  

2. Drawstrings and scarfs can get caught on things and create choking hazards for younger children. Use neck warmers and clothing with Velcro to prevent an accident.

3. Speaking of winter accessories, use hats to prevent loss of body heat through the head.

4. When kids are done playing in the winter wonderland, always remove wet clothing and boots right away.

5. Even though it may be cold and cloudy, it’s important to always apply sunscreen to baby before going outside.

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