How to maintain your baby’s sleep schedule on vacation

Maintaining your baby’s sleep schedule isn’t easy when you’re on the go. Long road trips, unfamiliar sleep environments, and earlier-than-normal wake-up calls can easily break the consistency you’ve created at home. Try to maintain your routine as much as possible and recreate your baby’s sleep environment while on vacation. Follow these 5 tips for a well-rested baby ready for the next adventure. 

Travel with baby

5 ways to help you maintain your baby’s sleep schedule when traveling:

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule!

We can’t say it enough. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible for a happier baby. That means slotting in naptime into your daily itinerary. Schedule the majority of your activities for the morning and then plan to stay closer to your destination at night. Even though it may be tempting to overextend the fun, don’t push your baby too much. An overtired baby will put a damper on your vacation. It’s better to take it easy and set realistic expectations for your little one. If you are staying at a hotel, the monitor probably won’t work outside of your room, so your baby’s naptime will become your own rest time too.

2. Time your drive.

If your baby likes to doze off in the car, then start your trip just before naptime. On the other hand, if your baby refuses to sleep on the road, then leave as soon as he or she wakes up in the morning.

 3. Set the mood.

When booking a hotel, think about securing a room with separate bedrooms or at least with enough space to be comfortable for your entire family. Find a dark and quiet location to place your baby’s portable crib or play yard.

4. Bring the comforts of home.

Recreate your nursery environment when you are on the go. Pack your baby’s favorite snuggle accessories, pacifier, books, mobile, white noise machine and nightlight. Include sleepwear that helps lull your baby to sleep like a Just Born Wear-A-Blanket, Muslin Swaddle or Deluxe Swaddle. Make sure to bring along your monitor too. Be sure to remove all items from crib or play yard before putting baby to sleep and never place monitors inside of the crib with baby.

5. Test run.

If this is the first time your baby has left the house for an overnight trip, it’s a good idea to test out your travel items. A few days before you go on vacation, put your baby to sleep in the portable crib or play yard during naptime or nighttime.