Keeping Kids Safe in the Kitchen

March is National Nutrition Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of making informed food choices. Take this special time to promote healthy food and food safety to your children. Bringing kids into the kitchen is a great opportunity to teach them about both of those things.

There are many benefits to cooking with your kids, including, better self-esteem, healthy relationships with food and communications and life skills. Of course, the kitchen can also present dangers to children. Here are some tips to keep things safe while enjoying cooking as a family.

  • First, assign tasks based on the child’s age. Babies can watch and absorb the activities in the kitchen. Doing things like naming foods aloud can stimulate their learning. Young children can pour and mix ingredients together. With supervision, older children can begin whisking, chopping and more.
  • Always turn pot handles toward the back of the stove range. This way no one can bump into them or knock the pot over.
  • To avoid electrical shocks, keep phone charging stations and other electrical appliances away from water.
  • Child lock cabinets and dishwashers. Many people will store their cleaning products in cabinets under the sink. To curious kiddos, these products and their shiny packaging can look like toys. It is best to keep these products locked away and out of reach from the baby. Similarly, dishwashers are best kept locked as they can hold sharp knives.
  • Speaking of childproofing, it is also a good idea to install stove locks, knob protectors, and guards to keep little hands away from hot surfaces.