Register for Recalls to Keep Your Kids Safe

Protecting children is one of our most important safety missions. This September, our focus is on car seat and booster seat safety, specifically making sure children are in the right car seats and that these products are installed in vehicles properly and registered in case they are recalled. To get the word out to parents and caregivers, we are participating in Baby Safety Month, sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Our shared goal is to increase awareness of baby safety issues, including the safe selection and use of baby products.

Last month, I spent a week on the road as part of the Safe Cars, Save Lives bus tour in nine cities across the southern United States, checking cars for open recalls and personally spreading the word on critical child safety issues, including the appropriate installation of car seats and heatstroke risk. With approximately 59 percent of car seats being misused, we had certified child passenger safety technicians on hand to ensure everybody who came to us for help didn’t shift into gear without every passenger in their vehicle being as safe as possible.

Car Seat Safety NHTSAOver the last five years, 8.8 million car seats have been recalled, but only 17 percent of the recalled seats were fixed. Tracking down owners of recalled car seats can be near impossible unless parents or caregivers take the time to register them. That’s why this month and during Child Passenger Safety Week (September 18-24), NHTSA is encouraging parents and caregivers to sign-up for safety recall notifications for their car seats and booster seats. Taking a few minutes to register a car seat today could be lifesaving down the road. Registering for product recall alerts keeps parents and caregivers informed of unsafe products and updates to products they already own, helping to save lives in the process.

Finally, I encourage all parents and caregivers who did not meet during our bus tour to come out for one of the nationwide Seat Check Saturday events on September 24.  Certified child passenger safety technicians will check for recalled seats at events across the U.S. and show parents and caregivers how to correctly use car seats and boosters. You can find out more on our website, including information on finding the right car seat, installing it, and where you can go for assistance by visiting a car seat inspection station.

Being a parent is hard enough, but NHTSA can help with some of your efforts to keep kids safe in vehicles. Register your seats today. Do it for the littlest reason. 


Car Seat Safety Car Seat Safety NHTSA