Safety Saturday: High Chairs

Mealtime can be one of the most chaotic periods of the day.  From catching bowls of cereal before they crash to the ground to making broccoli look more appealing with airplane forks, there just are not enough hands to do it all.  With some simple guidelines below, parents and caregivers can regain some sanity and keep their little ones safe. 

  1. When purchasing a new high chair, look for one with a wide, sturdy base for greater stability.  If you will need to regularly move or store your high chair, a foldable model could be helpful.  Once home, make sure that the chair is completely unfolded and locks in place before you put your child in.
  2. Secure the straps immediately.  Most injuries from high chairs are due to falls, especially for young ones that can stand on their own.  The tray is not a restraint, always be sure to use the straps in order to keep a child snug and safe.
  3. Position the high chair far enough away from counters and tables so that children cannot use their small but mighty legs to push the chair over.   
  4. If your high chair has wheels, ensure that they are in the lock position before lifting your child up and putting them in the chair.  This will keep the chair in place for loading and unloading, as well as prevent any movement during mealtime.
  5. Stay with your child when they are in a high chair to prevent any choking accidents.  Reduce the number of snacks on the tray at the start and watch how much food they put in their mouths.

Look for the Seal: In the market for a new high chair?  Check out this list of certified high chairs that are part of the JPMA Certification Program.  The seal exemplifies a manufacturer’s commitment to safety and proves that a manufacturer has tested their product annually to an established standard.  Manufacturers participating in the certification program are held to high standards and are obligated to meet those principles with every product.