Safety Saturday: Strollers

Warmer weather is (probably?) on its way, and with that comes walks around the block, trips to the park and zoo, and other fun activities.  What will you need for a stress-free outdoor adventure?  The right stroller.  While luxury accessories and first-class travel experiences for baby are great, the most important aspect is safety.  Here are some tips to help ensure that you and your family are safe, so you can focus on the fun!

  1. Always strap your baby into their seat securely.  The straps should lie against their shoulders and hips.  You may have to reposition baby or adjust the straps in order to ensure that your baby is in a safe position.
  2. Be sure to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays using sunscreen, a hat, and the hood or canopy of the stroller pulled over their heads.  Even on an overcast day, UV rays still pose a risk.
  3. When stopping for a prolonged period of time or taking baby in or out of your stroller, be sure to set the brakes so that the stroller is secure and in place.  Jogging strollers with a front swivel wheel should have that wheel locked throughout the duration of your jog or run.  Otherwise, the stroller can tip forward.
  4. Don’t hang a purse or diaper bag on the stroller.  The weight can cause the stroller to tip over.  Leave all personal belongings in the storage containers underneath the stroller or in designated cup holders.
  5. Stay alert for recalls.  Register your stroller online or return the stroller registration or warranty card so that you will be notified in case of a recall.  This is the only way that the company can reach you directly and alert you to any safety concerns.  You can also receive regular recall notices from the CPSC.

Look for the Seal: In the market for a new stroller?  Check out this list of certified strollers that are part of the JPMA Certification Program.  The seal exemplifies a manufacturer’s commitment to safety and proves that a manufacturer has tested their product annually to an established standard.  Manufacturers participating in the certification program are held to high standards and are obligated to meet those principles with every product.