Three Things I Learned When Running Errands

  1. Drive-thrus are my best friend. You cannot leave your child in the car to get the cup of coffee you so desperately need because you have no sleep since your teething baby was up all night. Taking them out of the car and putting them back in the seat is more trouble than the coffee is worth. I will not patronize certain stores because they do not offer a drive thru.
  2. You need a cart cover. Your baby will put their mouth on everything. Those carts have been touched, rained on, splattered with mud, sneezed on and probably worse. The cart cover covers everything that your child could touch and provides a soft area for them to comfortably sit. It also prevents toys from falling through the holes and slats in the cart.
  3. Your “quick run to the store” days are gone. Hope you made the best of them because they will never happen again until your kids are out of the house and have to do their own shopping. And by then it probably won’t be quick because you’ll have arthritis and won't be able to move as fast.