Lisa's No-Nos: Stroller Safety

Baby, its cold outside (Well, for some parts of the country anyway…)! Less than perfect weather conditions where you live may make you feel like you should stay warm and cozy inside with your munchkin, but let’s face it – you enjoyed the holiday season (along with a few cookies) and now is not the time to veg on the couch! A bit of fresh air will do you and your baby good (and keep the boredom and crankies away)! Read on for cold-weather stroller safety tips that will keep you moving all winter long!

Most importantly, keep baby bundled appropriately. Don’t forget that little fingers, toes and noses need extra love to stay warm. In case of damp or drizzle, use a stroller cover that will protect baby from the elements and still let them see the great outdoors. Be sure to only use accessory products that are compatible with your stroller!


Read the instructions and the warnings on your product. Note that many strollers have safety features including straps and latching components, brakes and locking mechanisms. When folding or unfolding the stroller, be sure that your toddler is far enough away that they don’t get curious fingers caught in moving parts. 

Stopping to chat with a neighbor or a friend passing by while you’re on the move? Put the brakes on.  If your hand needs to come off the stroller, the brake needs to go on! Don’t risk your little one rolling away without you!

Jogging strollers with a front swivel wheel should have that wheel locked while jogging or running. Without it, one uneven sidewalk or black ice spot could leave you and baby toppling out of control.

Lastly – and you know my mantra – PAY ATTENTION! The best way to ensure you and baby stay safe on your cold weather jaunts is to ensure your product is JPMA-certified, to read the instructions, to heed the warnings on your stroller and to pay attention.  Now get out there and enjoy that brisk winter air safely!


Yours in attention to the littles,

Lisa, (avid runner all year long!)
Director of Product Safety & Certification, JPMA
Mom to Abby, 8 years old & Alex, 18 months