It's Not Hard! Fill Out Your Card!

Why register your baby products?

  • Through product registration, parents can establish a direct line of communication with the manufacturer should a problem arise with a product purchased.
  • If there is a safety announcement or recall associated with that product, the manufacturer can contact you directly, to provide further details on what to do with the recalled product.
  • Although recalls are announced and promoted in various ways, parents can miss public announcements. Product registration cards are an easy way for information to be provided to parents directly and efficiently.

What Products Have Registration Cards?

If a parent has purchased one of the following products, they are required by law to receive a registration card with it:

• Bassinets and Cradles • Infant Bath Seats
• Bedside Sleepers • Infant Bath Tubs
• Booster Seats • Infant Bouncer Seats
• Carriage and Strollers • Infant Inclined Sleep Products
• Changing Tables • Infant Swings
• Children's Chairs
   and Stools 
• Infant Walkers
• Cribs (Full-size) • Play Yards
• Cribs (Non-Full-size) • Portable Bed Rails
• Expansion Gates and
  Expandable Enclosures      
• Portable Hook-On Chairs
• Frame Child Carriers • Sling Carriers
• Hand-held Infant
• Soft Infant and Toddler Carriers
• High Chairs • Stationary Activity Centers


Additionally, each of these products should come with information permanently marked on the product itself. The product should have the manufacturer’s name and contact information, including their mailing address and a toll-free phone number if available. The information should be applied to the product in such a way that it does not become illegible over the life of the product, and it must be located somewhere on the product the parent can be expected to notice it.

2 Easy Ways To Register

  1. The card that comes in the box: The cards are partially filled-in, with the manufacturer’s contact information provided. The parent must fill in their own information so they can be contacted by the manufacturer in the event of a recall. The information consumers are asked to provide on the cards is designed to make communication from the manufacturer as efficient as possible, given the urgency of any recall.
  2. Online Card: Simply visit the manufacturer website and complete the online registration form and submit.

When the manufacturer receives the contact information, they are required to keep it in a database for six years after the manufacturing date. This database is designed to make all purchasers of a specific model of product easily accessible should it be recalled.

Will My Contact Information Be Sold?

Not only can the information provided by the parent not be used for marketing or sales purposes, but it is not usable to the manufacturer for any reasons other than a safety alert regarding the product.

The Bottom Line!

The ultimate purpose of the registration cards is to make sure that parents and guardians are as informed as possible regarding the safety of the products they purchase. By making sure they are informed, the manufacturer does its part in assuring the child for whom the product was purchased is protected from any product-related hazards. Thus, a parent has their worries of missing any recall announcements alleviated, and children are less exposed to potentially dangerous products. The registration card process ultimately benefits everyone from the parent to the manufacturer.

Watch our Video To Learn More About Product Registration Cards

Why Product Registration Cards Work For Me

"I have always sent in the registration cards with new household appliances. Therefore, as we began to acquire larger baby specific things, like the crib, pack and play, strollers and car seats, over the last five years I have filled out warranty registration cards and mailed them in when provided and more recently, completed online registrations.  I really like the cards that are mailable as it doesn't require much work for me when I'm already spreading my time between the kids, a job and our household. The registrations give me some comfort in knowing that if I don't have time to read the blogs or the news and get feedback on the current recalls or updates to products, then I will hopefully be notified via email which I tend to at least scan daily for high-priority emails."

"I experienced this benefit when I received notification that one of our Bumbo seats was potentially part of a recall. They were providing additional straps and warning labels for these specific items. I was able to easily order the kit."

"Another reason I do the registrations, especially with the toys, is that they also link to the products warranty and if I find that something isn't working as intended, I have a better chance of getting a replacement item without any hassle."

"In my opinion the time it takes to complete these steps is worth the peace of mind it provides me and the time it saves me when something does need to be replaced."