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How to Promote Baby Safety Month 2018

Looking for ways to attract a crowd in your store or online?  Baby Safety Month provides a great opportunity to do just that.  Here are just a few ideas for in-store or online promotion that you can arrange during Baby Safety Month this September.  Customers love these types of promotions and first-time parents and caregivers are always looking for product safety information.  Feel free to use the suggestions below or create a one-of-a-kind event of your own.

Download the 2018 Baby Safety Month Resources!

Registration Kiosk

Set up a kiosk near customer service so parents can register their register products as soon as possible! Provide pens for any registration cards and a mailbox and ipad or computer in case they want to submit their registration card online. Consider a gift card contest fish bowl drop as an incentive for anyone who fills out their registration before leaving the store.

Safety Tips In Registry Packs

Include product safety tips and infographic from this website in all of your registry packs.

Product Round Up

Ask your customers to turn in old, used or hand-me-down products. Contact your local police and fire departments to collect the products. Have them use the products in their training exercises for proper removal of children from the home in case of an emergency.

Safety Seminars

The safety of babies serves as a top priority for parents and other child caregivers. In-store seminars are an excellent way to educate the public. Publicize the seminar in your local community paper, store advertising and within your store. Hold the seminar at a convenient time and invite parents, grandparents, nannies and daycare providers. This is a great opportunity to attract customers into your store at a time other than when they need a juvenile product. Also, it's a great chance to display items in their proper use and show customers what a safe environment looks like. 

Meet & Greet Expectant Parents

Why not hold a gathering of first-time parents in your community? Expectant mothers and fathers crave information about buying the best products for the new baby. Announce the event in local doctors' offices, newspapers and store advertisements. Offer baby registry specials and free gifts for expectant mothers. Serve refreshments. This positions your store as the source for baby safety information.


Grandparents represent a terrific target audience for a baby safety promotion. They are often unaware of the most recent safety information and looking to purchase the best for their grandchildren. Open the store for a limited time for grandparents only. Encourage grandparents to buy newer, safer juvenile products by offering a discount if they show a photo of their grandchild.

Media Placements

Does your local newspaper have a parent or family section? If so, send a copy of the press release to the editor. If your community has a television or radio program geared specifically to first-time parents or parents with small children, call the host or producer and let them know about Baby Safety Month and any in-store promotions. Click here for a press release template.


It's hard to keep customers away if you create a contest, either in-store or online. Have customers fill out entry forms for a random drawing during Baby Safety Month. Consider a Best Baby Photo Contest and develop a display. Offer store certificates and safety products as prizes. Publicize your Baby Safety Month Contest in your store advertising. Check out our toolkit for great social media outlet images you can in your online contests!