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Sleep Safe and Sound Giveaway

Colgate Mattress, the nation’s oldest family-owned manufacturer of crib mattresses, and accessories announced recently, the debut of its revolutionary zenBaby™ collection.

This collection features the KulKote® technology. With its unique water-based coating design, the zenBaby™ collection offers the highest level of cooling comfort and temperature optimization to help baby sleep well.

The Future of Car Seat Safety: Cybex Giveaway

The newest addition to the Cybex Gold Car Seat family is the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0. This state-of-the-art safety focused car seat was designed specifically to give parents and caregivers peace of mind when driving with their child.

Tips for a Safe and Successful Road Trip with Baby

Summer seems to be the season of road trips. With the kids off from school, a lot of families will be hitting the road this summer to visit friends, family and new places across the country. For new parents and even, seasoned parents a road trip can seem overwhelming. With a little preparation, you can take the anxiety out of traveling by car.

Here some tips for when traveling with little ones,

Car Seat Safety first:

Baby On-the-Go Giveaway

The On-the-Go Baby Dome is perfect for naptime or playtime at home or on-the-go –featuring all of the functionality of a playard, but with the flexibility to use it indoors and out. Since launching in January 2017, this item has taken off at retail and we’re chasing inventory to keep up with demand! Parents love how easy the Dome is to assemble, how spacious it is for baby, and how light it is to transport (did we mention – it folds flat!).

Safety Saturday- Gates Galore!

When your baby becomes mobile, install a gate. Sounds simple, right? Not necessarily! Gates today come in a variety of styles and provide many features for every need. Here is only a sampling of the questions you need to answer before selecting a gate to keep your active baby safe from hazardous falls down the stairs:

The Pop® Paci Protects Baby From The Nasties

The Pop®, the cleaner pacifier, from Doddle & Co™: the first ever self-protecting pacifier that pops backinto its protective bubble when it hits a surface, keeping germs and nasties out. Parents get to spend more time with baby, and less time washing a paci over the sink. Our mission is to bring products to market that help make the day-to-day realities of parenting easier—we consider this our very first step in that direction.

Tips To Make Safety A Walk In The Park

Since walking more than 100 yards would be considered cruel and unusual punishment for most children, your stroller is your family's second workhorse (besides that sweet minivan). Trips to the park or the beach can weigh parents down with gear. Strolls around the block can lead to distracting conversations with your neighbor about the latest season finale. All of these things can make stroller safety easily forgotten. Be sure to brush up with these tips.

Registering Your Car Seat - A Small, But Important Task

If you are like many busy people, you probably have a drawer where several “important, but I’ll get to it later” papers live. In that small, dark place are postage-paid warranty cards that come with every new product. I liked the product enough to buy it, but I never completed the product registration card.

Little Parts, Big Hazards: Tips for Avoiding Choking Hazards

As the mom of a four-year-old daughter and an 18-month-old son, I face the daily battle of keeping my kids entertained while also keeping them safe. Anyone with a toddler probably knows that they try to put anything and everything in their mouths. I will spare you the examples of interesting things my son has grabbed from the floor to try to eat, but toys are certainly no exception. All of his toys have gone into or near his mouth, making me the gatekeeper barring entry of anything that may present a choking hazard. 

Take Comfort To-Go Giveaway

Winter is almost over, but the dry air is sticking around. Whether you are home or traveling, be sure to have the Travel Humidifier by Crane on hand. The award-winning Crane Travel Humidifier allows you to bring relieving humidity anywhere you and your family travel.

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