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Let's Talk About Furniture Safety, Baby

Qdos Zero-Screw Furniture Anti-Tip Kit Giveaway

Although it might not seem possible that a small child can pull over heavy furniture, it is. In fact, nearly 25 children die each year in furniture tip overs and another 32,000 children need care in emergency rooms. Injuries and deaths from furniture tip overs are preventable by simply securing all furniture to the walls.

Safety Saturday- Gates Galore!

When your baby becomes mobile, install a gate. Sounds simple, right? Not necessarily! Gates today come in a variety of styles and provide many features for every need. Here is only a sampling of the questions you need to answer before selecting a gate to keep your active baby safe from hazardous falls down the stairs:

5 Safety Tips Just for Twins

Parents of twins often hear the phrase, “Double trouble!”, and while some of us cringe at that saying, it’s very often true. When you have two children at the exact developmental age and stage, they tend to get into more than twice the amount of mischief. If you’re an expecting or new parent of twins, here’s the heads up on a few important safety matters that are specific to twins and higher order multiples.

CAUTION, HOT GLASS! Keep Families Safer Around Gas Fireplaces This Winter

Fireplaces provide a special place for family and friends to gather. Keep those times special for your child by following these safety tips for your gas fireplace. 

In Home Safety Checklist

Get prepared for your baby’s arrival with Just Born's printable safety checklist.

Fall is for Leaves, Not for Bruises, Bumps or Skinned Knees

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) approximately 8,000 children in the United States are treated daily for fall related injuries. This adds up to nearly 2.8 million children a year. 

Safety and injury prevention begins in the home. Hazards can often be hidden but always following manufacturer’s use instructions, paying attention to warning labels and making a few adjustments where needed, the possibility of accidents occurring can be greatly reduced.