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Safety Saturday: Bath Seats

Summer is a time for exploring, creating and enjoying time away from the schedule. Running between the playground and the pool, with family parties and beach trips in between can get particularly messy.

15 Tips for Your Baby's Best Bath

Bath time with baby can be a fun-filled time of splashing, giggles, and a bit of a mess. Use these baby bath safety tips to keep your little one safe while making future embarrassing memories. 

Bath Safety Tips for a Squeaky Clean & Safe Baby

It's summertime - the season of dirt, mud and warm sunshine! It’s the time of year when babies and kids are outdoors from sun-up to sun-down whether at a playground, camp, pool, beach or waterpark. It's also the time of year when children have sticky hands, dirty knees, grassy toes, sweaty hair and chlorine skin. During these hot summer months, your little ones are messy and need to get in the bathtub every night. Which begs the question - which safety precautions are you using during bath time?