7 Breastfeeding Tips & Top Essentials

Breastfeeding is an amazing feat for any mom. For me, the first 24-48 hours of breastfeeding was difficult (engorged breasts; cracked and sore nipples; and a hungry baby that would not latch). I got through it though with the help of a lactation consultant and was able to breastfeed successfully for the first few months in addition to supplementing with formula as needed.

Tips for Making Vacation a Breeze

Remember when traveling was fun, easy, and sometimes even spur-of-the-moment?

And then you had kids and vacations became a much-needed and sought-after luxury with stress about where to go, how to pack, and how to get there. Well, whether you have a newborn, active toddlers, or a preschooler and one on the way, vacations can still be exciting and worth the effort if you do your research, plan accordingly, and think smart…parent smart!

April Showers: Preparing for Baby

* This post was originally published in {April, 2016} and has been updated for freshness and accuracy. 

Parent Innovators Define New Ways of Work-Life Balance

The It’s Working Project is committed to helping bring new parents back to work with ease. I began this project after 18 years of working with enterprising parents and new moms and dads. I began recording the stories of the diverse ways parents are developing their own ideal work situations for their goals and their families; those stories have become the Portrait Project.

In Home Safety Checklist

Get prepared for your baby’s arrival with Just Born's printable safety checklist.

Are You Making Safe Happen In Your Home?

When you think of what it means to be a kid, some of the first things that may come to mind are – laughter, friendship, learning and imagination. Childhood is meant to be a series of moments and milestones with each being cause for celebration and pride.  

When It Comes to Baby Products, Steer Clear of “Do It Yourself”

This blog is courtesy of JPMA and Baby Safety Zone staffer (and momma of two!), Lauren Pfeiffer.

I love DIY projects and a good bargain just as much as the next girl, but after browsing many blogs and social media sites, a recent trend has me a little concerned. My reaction looked a little something like this:

How to Make Your Own hazelnut spread = My reaction – YUM!

How to Make Your Own Hidden Closet = My reaction – COOL!

How to Make Your Own Bed Rail = UH OH!

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

They say “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, but as a parent you know the holiday season means added stress like shopping, cooking, cleaning, missed naps, and extra pounds. So how can you avoid a holiday meltdown for you and baby? Give yourself a timeout and learn how you can keep your self-care and nutrition in check so everyone enjoys the holidays.

According to, following a few simple guidelines will boost your health and happiness so you too can enjoy this holiday season:

Details from Dad

Today's blog comes from a Dad! He has three things that he feels every dad should remember when leaving the house with their little one-or ones.

  1. A diaper and a few wipes is not enough. Get a backpack and fill it up as if you were going to the Adirondack Mountains. This is a pure case of more is more.
  2. Extra outfits should never, ever be left home.
  3. Do a shoe and/or sock check every time you enter another aisle, department, etc. 

I Spy With My Little Eye...Car Seat Safety!

JPMA and Baby Safety Zone Safety Mom Amy C., shares her information and advice on ensuring that your child's car seat is properly installed.