Stroller Safety

Safety Saturday: Strollers

Warmer weather is (probably?) on its way, and with that comes walks around the block, trips to the park and zoo, and other fun activities.  What will you need for a stress-free outdoor adventure?  The right stroller.  While luxury accessories and first-class travel experiences for baby are great, the most important aspect is safety.  Here are some tips to help ensure that you and your family are safe, so you can focus on the fun!

Tips To Make Safety A Walk In The Park

Since walking more than 100 yards would be considered cruel and unusual punishment for most children, your stroller is your family's second workhorse (besides that sweet minivan). Trips to the park or the beach can weigh parents down with gear. Strolls around the block can lead to distracting conversations with your neighbor about the latest season finale. All of these things can make stroller safety easily forgotten. Be sure to brush up with these tips.

Lisa's No-Nos: Stroller Safety

Baby, its cold outside (Well, for some parts of the country anyway…)! Less than perfect weather conditions where you live may make you feel like you should stay warm and cozy inside with your munchkin, but let’s face it – you enjoyed the holiday season (along with a few cookies) and now is not the time to veg on the couch! 

Swing into Spring with Stroller Safety Tips

Spring has sprung with an invitation to come outside and enjoy the fresh air. Winter’s ice and snow have melted away and the reappearance of colorful bushes, flowers and trees come alive. Mothers and fathers slowly return to the neighborhood sidewalks, streets and parks after a long winter of bundling their children in layers of clothes and carrying them over the ice and snow. Parents whip out the strollers and spring out of the house with a sigh of relief that the winter blues have finally come to an end.