winter safety

How to Dress Baby for Icy Temperatures

Winter can bring a lot of family fun, from romping around in the snow or hanging out indoors. For first time parents, dressing baby for winter weather can feel tricky. Too many layers and baby can sweat and feel colder when they stop playing. Not enough layers can be even more risky! If you’re stressing about dressing baby properly this winter, here are some tips for keeping baby safe and warm all season long. 

5 Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Well, it’s officially winter. We’ve already had a couple of snow storms here at Baby Safety Zone headquarters. Winter can be beautiful, but with dropping temperatures come risks to babies’ safety. Below are tips for keeping your baby warm and safe in the winter wonderland.

1. When in doubt layer!

Layers will keep your baby warm and dry and outside. A good rule of thumb is to add an extra layer to baby than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

Your Winter Pregnancy Survival Guide

You may have a bun in the oven, but this time of year will leave you feeling anything but toasty. A winter pregnancy comes with many of its own unique challenges. Follow these tips to survive (and enjoy) a winter pregnancy.

Fluff Belongs in a Sandwich Not a Carseat

With winter moving in full-stride across the nation, many parents will be pulling out the heavy winter coats and snow suits. These are great for an impromptu snowball fight or making snow angels, but bulky winter clothing can be very dangerous in the car. Heavy coats and bulky clothing may cause harnesses and seatbelts to fit improperly. Though it may seem snug, upon impact fluffy clothing may compress causing slack which leads to the harness not properly restraining your child. 

Lisa's No-Nos: Stroller Safety

Baby, its cold outside (Well, for some parts of the country anyway…)! Less than perfect weather conditions where you live may make you feel like you should stay warm and cozy inside with your munchkin, but let’s face it – you enjoyed the holiday season (along with a few cookies) and now is not the time to veg on the couch! 

Baby, It's Cold Outside

When the temperature drops, it makes everyone want to bundle up. However, the use of heavy jackets and bulky layers when using a car seat is a safety hazard. Snow suits, bunting and other “fluffy” items do not allow the car seat buckle to fit as snuggly as it should and can cause injury in the event of an accident.

But my baby is cold!

We got it and hear you loud and clear. No one wants you to take your child out in the cold in just a onesie. Here are some ways to keep your baby warm and safe during the cold season.